Sundrops walkthrough

Sundrops is another new point and click physics based game from ccatgame on notdoppler. The game is basically an aim and launch type so you will only have to use your mouse to aim and shoot - at the targets which are the pearls randomly hanging on the air. Each level is presented with different difficulty and challenge. Some with other objects and elements that you can use to your advantage or make your life more difficult.

Sundrops walkthrough.

Nonetheless, all of the 44 levels in this game are quite fun and really entertaining. Also, there is a kid mode which allows you to play with unlimited SDs without time limit. Tthere are survival and time attack mode as well which you can only play after you beat the adventure mode. Anyways, if it gotten you into something else like being stuck or lost at some point, here are some videos of Sundrops walkthrough showing how to win each level.

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