The Snow Runs Red walkthrough

The Snow Runs Red is another holiday themed point and click arcade game on newgrounds for Christmas. In this game, the world have to live without Santa Claus - yes he's dead and gifts could not be delivered to spoiled children of the world anymore and that is the reason why these brats are raiding the north pole - to investigate why they don't receive presents anymore.

The Snow Runs Red walkthrough.
Now it's Mrs Claus' job to make these hordes of spoiled brat pay for being for being in the naughty list. Defend the Christmas tree from enemies and survive each wave of kids. You can make upgrades for your weapon and hit points in between levels but it will cost you money. Watch out for gifts being dropped by the tree - it contains power ups. Also, there are ten medals to earn in this game. Here is a clip showing (TSRR) The Snow Runs Red walkthrough.

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