Gingerbread House Escape Walkthrough

It's time for some bread game! Gingerbread House Escape is not a game about baking, it's pretty much of a point and click flash room escape game from the archives of Games2Girls. It's a counter part of Games2Rule for girly games like this cute game. Anyways, the game sets in a colorful place of sweets like chocolates and candies. It was kinda fun and wonderful for a moment when suddenly you got locked up between the sugar made walls of the Gingerbread House. You must then use the items found from around the place to escape or else you will be part of it for sweet eternity. Now as you wander through the room you got lost and stuck at some point that is why you are here. Don't worry, this Gingerbread House Escape walkthrough will surely save you from turning into a human candy statue.

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