Knives Room 5 Walkthrough

Knives Room 5, another hidden object game to use your point and click powers. Eyes must be opened wide on this game so you won't miss those hidden knives cluttering around and camouflaging themselves. But if all else fails, try this Knives Room 5 walkthrough.

On the first scene:
on floor
under toilet bowl, at left.
between sink and toilet bowl.
On the second scene..
on floor at right.
under jacuzzi at the right.
under radiator just behind plant.
On the 3rd scene..
over cupboard.
under cupboard.
in cupboard
in between cupboard and door
behind the left plant.
under the carpet.
right of the sink.
to the right of shower.
under the right plant.

If you have anything to add to this Knives Room 5 walkthrough, you can do so in the comments.

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